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  • Pilates Reformer Group Class $29
    Pilates Reformer Group Sessions are taught using the Allegro 2 apparatus.  We will also utilize several accessories such as the Box, Countour Box, Padded Foot Plate (Jump Board), soft ball, magic circle and foot strap.  Group sessions are small, no more than 6 in each making each session very specific.  Wear something comfortable; you can move and stretch in as you will be barefoot.  Please arrive on time, it is disturbing to class if you are more than 5 minutes late you will have to forfeit your session.  Come prepared to connect body, breath and mind!
  • Semi-Private $35
    Semi Private sessions are for 2-3 people at a time, this works well for those wanting to train only with a specific person/s.   Semi private sessions are also a good option for those wishing to move much faster or slower than the group speed.
  • Private Session $65
    Private sessions are suggested for those needing individual attention during the entire session.  I am meticulous about form.  Private sessions are an excellent choice for those also needing to move at a faster or slower speed than group, but also those who are brand new or very advanced.   
  • 90 minute Private Session $100
    90 minute sessions are an excellent option for those wanting to add cardio (jump board) and/or nutrition discussion.
  • 30 minute Private Session $35
    A 30 min session is a great option for those short of time, or not quite ready for a full hour of training.



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